Monday, July 30, 2012

Me...after the fight against Cancer...

Two years ago after the happiness of the member....our Sky....he was such a cute little boy for me...who didn´t to come out (overdue) and I´ve got C-section because he´s seem to be too big...and he was 4,220 Grams. We were so happy...then the Truth was coming that I have Breast Cancer...I just couldn´t believe what I heard from the doctor..

I have to stop breast-feeding immidiately and prepared myself for all theraphy...I´ve got 8 times Chemotheraphy...then Breast Operation and last Radiotherapy.

Now after all the fight, I´m healthy again... And because of the difficult to get a job here in Germany for foreigner so I decided to run my own business at I can have a quility time with my two boys...Sea (will be 5 years old in October) and Sky (2 years and 6 months).

 Sumthing Shop is my online shop that support the products from small businesses/family businesses in Thailand under the concept "UNIQUE & FAIR". Unique means the products have to have its own characters with nice design... Fair means Fair Trade....

Apart from Fair Trade products from Thailand...I also starting to make my own product as well...under the brand "My Mom Made"...

Time by time, we are also going to sell at craft fair with our boys...they really have fun with us ^-^

Thanking for stopping by at my blog...if you would like to visit my shop...just go to

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  1. Hi, I came upon your site while looking on 'making knight costume'. Glad that you are healthy. Stay positive.