Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knight Costume DIY and Carnival in Germany

It is Carnival at the moment in Germany....I have not been dress up before...but for the is fun to do it...and this year my Blue Sea and my Blue Sky want to be Knights!

So...I´ve just thinking on making the costume for them by myself....and here what I found from Pinterest....

DIY Knight’s Tunic from Prudent Baby

Knights in Training from mer mag

Those Ideas that I found are so cute....and here it is what I made for the kids...

I just used Fleece for the dress and Felt for the Initial Name....and use the belt that they had for the dress that´s it....

Next time I will updated the full set and the knight Cake as well ^ ^

Have a Nice Saturday!

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  1. Your tunics turned out great! Thanks for sharing!